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The Role of Quality Assurance in WordPress Development

Quality Assurance (QA) is vital in WordPress development, ensuring websites function correctly, perform efficiently, and provide a seamless user experience. QA involves various testing processes to identify and rectify issues before a website goes live, preventing potential problems and enhancing the site’s reliability and performance. For instance, a leading WordPress agency, Web Help Agency excels […]

Passive Income with WordPress

The concept of passive income—earning money that requires little ongoing effort—is a powerful motivator in today’s digital world. The freedom and flexibility it offers are beautiful, especially for those seeking to escape the traditional 9-to-5 grind. This dream is becoming increasingly attainable for creators of all stripes. A recent study revealed that in 2023, 82% […]

Create A News Website Using WordPress

News websites are popular with users all over the world. You can attract a global audience and establish a brand. While it can be difficult to compete with established sites, you can write about your preferred themes, cover local news, and report on specific topics. In this article, we will explain how to create a […]

Recipe Plugins For Your WordPress Site

Using recipe plugins, you can attractively present recipes on your website. They can boost traffic and enhance user interaction on your culinary blog. We’ve hand-picked some of the top WordPress recipe plugins for your website in this article. We will compare the advantages and disadvantages of each plugin to help you make the best choice. […]

AI and ML in WordPress

Forget the days of clunky plugins and endless code edits. WordPress is getting a serious upgrade, and it’s not just about shiny new themes. AI and ML are busting down the door, ready to revolutionize how we build and experience websites. Imagine your website anticipating your visitors’ needs before they even click a button. Personalized […]

Guide To creating A WordPress Net Promoter Score Survey

Net Promoter Score is a popular approach for measuring client loyalty in order to improve your brand image, discover new product ideas, and give better customer service. This article will demonstrate how to simply establish a Net Promoter Score survey in WordPress and how to use it to advance your business. Net Promoter Score Net Promoter Score is a management method used to assess client loyalty. Since its inception in 2003, the concept has been adopted by more than two-thirds of Fortune 1000 firms. It relies on a single question: ‘How likely are you to refer our company, product, or service to a friend […]

Power of Masteriyo WordPress LMS

Masteriyo, the all-in-one WordPress LMS plugin, will let you enter the future of eLearning. Masteriyo makes everything simple, from setting up protected accounts to creating courses that are easy to follow along with to tracking your progress. You may strategically plan and deploy information using its unique information Drip function to keep learners interested and […]

Multitenancy WordPress Multisite Management

WordPress multisite, turning a plugin into a SaaS, more effective agency management… Will future problems be solved by multitenancy? For some time now, we have been actively exploring and contemplating various areas such as utilizing WordPress multisite, creating a SaaS platform from a WordPress plugin, and enhancing the efficiency of our agency operations. This is […]