Privacy Policy

All resources of the website are compatible under GPLv2 or later license. is a website for selling online digital products that run by admin Faraz Khan nickname Faraz Frank.

Website Users & Visitors

Like most of the other websites, most of the users are the readers or WordPress users and developers. Use get information about products listed on our website and read the blog articles to fulfill their needs.

Gathering User Information

The users and customers get paid or premium services needed to provide their personal information during registration.

Use of User Information

Customers and user information are used to identifying the account associated with the account portal.

Protection of User Information

Our site is hosted on a secured cloud server which maintained by a reputed hosting company. The website uses an SSL certificate to encrypt all information submitted by the user during sharing information between websites and users. All the data on our website is safe and sound.

Product Support

Free Product Support
I offer free of cost support on all Free products that come under our account. The priority of that type of support less than paid once.

Paid Product Support
All paid user and customers are getting the support of any product purchase related to our services with the following rules:
– Please don’t modify or change the product code before asking for support.
– Third-party product conflicts will not under these criteria.
– You can directly contact us using the Contact Page or email at farazfrank777 [at] Gmail [dot] com.

Refund On Products

We have the following refund policies:
– You can ask for a refund within the 15 days of purchase made if you have a valid reason not to use purchased products.
– If you asked for support with any product and I am unable to resolve your issues within the time.
– Refund processing time 1-3 days after the request confirmed.
– A refund will not be initiated if the product has conflicts with active themes or other plugins or third party products.


Actually, how users and visitors are using our website, all information collected by Cookies. The cookie file created on your computer in text format to collect internet log information and user behaviors.

Change In Privacy Policy

We update our policies on time to time according to working environments and situations. For any policy update, you need to visit this page regularly if you have any doubt.

Updated: 11 November 2019