Your Google Business Profile Information

Did you know that Google can make changes to your Google Business Profile without informing you? Discover how to keep your profile up to date. Claiming your Google Business Profile is a must-do for any local business that qualifies in order to help your business rank higher on Google. Optimizing your business profile on a […]

Boost Digital Transformation With These 5 Strategies

Every modern business that wants to be successful in the market must accelerate its digital transformation. The world has undergone dramatic changes for the better part of the last decade. These changes have had a significant impact on how businesses operate. As a result, many businesses have been forced to adopt a digital model. Every […]

Tips To Build A Sustainable Business And Save Money

Making sustainability a priority for your firm will not happen fast. However, there are some simple things you may integrate, as well as some larger initiatives that can come later. Businesses of all sizes are prioritizing sustainability. A sustainable company plan is practically required in today’s environment. Whether you run a physical store, a digital […]

How To Easily Lazy Load Images In WordPress

Would you like to learn how to lazy load images in WordPress? If your website uses lazy loading, images will only load when a user scrolls down to a specific image, which will reduce website loading time and improve website performance. Lazy loading is used by most popular image-heavy websites to increase website speed. In […]

What is PHP How It Works

PHP is a programming and scripting language used to build dynamic interactive websites. WordPress is written in PHP, a scripting language. PHP is also an open-source language. PHP is a server-side programming language, so it runs on your web server. A visitor’s browser contacts your server to request a page from your website. An HTML […]

5 Characteristics Of A Responsive Web Design

Websites now play an important part in the success of practically all businesses. Having an appealing website is a must if you want your company to reach as many people (or other businesses) as possible. In today’s world, customers access the internet via a variety of devices such as laptops, tablets, desktop computers, and mobile […]

Algorithms Supporting Super intelligent AI Development

Even though super intelligent artificial intelligence isn’t here yet completely, these top 10 algorithms are working relentlessly to achieve it. AI algorithms with superintelligence, which solve problems better than humans, will have a profound impact on humanity and technology. When it comes to highly probabilistic, wicked problems, even the best experts have difficulty making predictions. […]