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Blockchain In Web Development

Blockchain technology has been gaining popularity in recent years, thanks to its innovative approach to securing and verifying data. While blockchain is often associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, its potential applications extend far beyond financial transactions. In fact, blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize various industries, including web development. In this blog […]

How Can You Stay Safe From Crypto Mugging

To gain access to your cryptocurrency, someone does not need to use phishing or malware. Some thieves resort to old-fashioned mugging. Crypto users are increasingly concerned about becoming victims of crypto mugging, a type of violent theft in which attackers physically take a victim’s smartphone and access their crypto wallet. While there haven’t been many […]

How Do Crypto Cards Work

Crypto isn’t only for the internet. Did you know you may spend your cryptocurrency with a standard credit or debit card? Cryptocurrencies have gone a long way since Bitcoin’s original introduction, and while we can’t yet confirm mass use, they continue to intrude on our daily lives; new crypto start-ups appear on a daily basis, […]