How To Gain Trust With A Clean, Engaging Website Design


How To Gain Trust With A Clean, Engaging Website Design

How To Gain Trust With A Clean, Engaging Website Design

Nowadays a website is a basic need of every business, it helps businesses to market their products or services. But how vital is website design? Well, a well-built website attracts and engages a customer and an engaged customer is more likely to buy your product or services and your website is there to get leads and increase conversations so better do it right.

How do you gain the trust of your website’s visitors? It is proven effective that a clean and engaging website attracts more visitors than those messy designed ones. Responsive website design is a must because users are not just using a laptop, mobile is on the game too and you need to adjust for that, According to Faraz Frank from WpFrank, you need to make sure that your website is good to go on mobile right on developing stage. You must muster your creativity but there are rules to follow about design and user experience that will help your website to grow.

How to Gain User’s Trust

It is quite noticeable that the digital design world has embraced simplicity, as what they say “simplicity is the key” is true in many aspects, as users visit websites to read, find products, or simply windows shopping digitally. These design rules will help your website easier to navigate and better engage your audience.

Simple Layout

A simple website layout doesn’t mean it has to be boring, it just needs to be clean and focus only on essentials. A simple functional layout makes a website load faster, has lag-free navigation, and is easy to render on different platforms and devices.

Easy Navigation

It might be tempting to do something creative with your navigation menus design, but if you want your visitors to spend more time on your website then you need to make it easy for them to go around. The simplicity of a website’s navigation and intuitive information architecture is essential, a standard menu appearance is comfortable for most readers as they navigate through your website.

Direct Call to Action

It is important to make sure your website’s call to action is direct and if you’re using buttons make sure the text is short and on point depending on what your website is. Does your website sell products? Donations? It doesn’t matter, just make sure to design your call to action to stand out to visitors exploring your website.

Less is More (Content)

Show only the visual elements that are important to what your website is all about, and avoid unnecessary text and elements. It makes them less distracted so that they can focus their attention on your products, focus on explaining your product, and include a strong call to action like buying, installing, or downloading it. You can put the less prominent information on the footer.

Whitespace Helps

Whitespace does not literally need to be white, it simply means a space on your website where there’s no text or images. If done correctly, it helps your website to be more readable, and clutter-free, and also helps to direct focus and attention. A crowded layout creates confusion, and whitespace provides a way to separate features and gives an idea to visitors as to exactly what they wanted to see on your website at a glance. The best example is Google.

Use Eye-Catching Color

It’s a no-brainer that you need to pick a color that will provide the foundation of your website design, choose a contrasting accent color to match elements on your website like the buttons must complement the website’s whole design.

Use Easy to Read Fonts

Choosing the right font is crucial in making your website visually balanced, the right font makes your website text clear and intriguing.

Incorporate Video and Rich Images

It is proven that videos and images are more engaging than text alone, landing pages with videos convert more than 80%. But make sure that the videos you put on your websites are also responsive.

User-Friendly Website Engages Visitors

Your website could be the most attractive in the world, but it’s no use if it’s hard to use. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly for 70% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, streamline your navigation, customers feel frustrated when they need to navigate more pages before finding what they’re looking for and will like to leave after only seeing one page. It’s also important to give users robust search capabilities.

How you organize your content is a big factor in customer engagement, give your content a structure and make it easy to scan, your content must talk like a real person to your visitors and avoid jargon and marketing-speak. And if your visitor did an action, either your visitor made a purchase or subscribed to your newsletter, make sure to confirm it. It won’t hurt you to display a confirmation screen and thank them, it leaves the impression that you value your customers.


Millions of people visit websites every day, be it on PC, mobile devices, or Chromebook. The biggest factor of every successful website is the trust they gain from their visitors, delivered by their clean and engaging website which most people prefer. Make sure your website is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and doesn’t confuse your visitors.

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