Guide To App Store Optimization

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Guide To App Store Optimization

Guide To App Store Optimization

Every company’s aim when launching a new app is to become as popular as possible. But even the best-created app won’t succeed if it doesn’t reach its fan base. App stores are where people can download apps and learn more about them. App Store, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery are the three most popular players in the industry. To influence good results in content creation and optimization, it is worth focusing on App Store Optimization. As a result of such decisions, apps are best positioned in app stores. A high ranking means high interest in the application, translating into a high conversion rate and many organic installs. 

How to Start App Store Optimization

The main issue on which you should base all activities related to the product launch is its quality. Your product should be perfected in every aspect to arouse curiosity and meet the recipients’ requirements. But quality is above all reliability. So, focus on the technical layer of the product first, but remember that designing the app properly will make it attract the users’ attention. The user ratings are one of the decisive criteria affecting the app’s position in the rankings. The better the overall reception and positive surprise of the audience, the more likely they are to share their feelings via a rating or recommend the app to others. Word-of-mouth is a great way to increase organic downloads. The greater the rate of positive reviews, the more visible the app is in the App Store. However, when it comes to the app’s position in services, it is worth remembering that it is influenced by many factors, such as the number of users who have the app installed and their average level of engagement. It is best to begin ASO actions with the most stable application possible. 

App Store Optimization specification

Before starting the App Store Optimization process, it is advisable to make the app as attractive as possible. So that every potentially interested person will engage in actively using it. The biggest challenge is to match the AppStore requirements, so it is worth getting acquainted with them at the very beginning to make the whole app development process more manageable. 

Aspects of an iOS app’s optimization in the App Store:

  • First impression: Icon, application name, subtitle, average ratings, screenshots, App Store view
  • Application name: 30 characters
  • Sub-title: 30 characters (possibility to add keywords)
  • Keywords: 100 characters (separated by commas)
  • Description: up to 4000 characters
  • Video: App Store Preview (up to 30 seconds)

If there are so many possible characters, there is much text that can be optimized. When thinking about the most relevant keywords, don’t use trendy tags. When analyzing your product, it’s a good idea to detail what problems and users the product will address. Thus when choosing keywords, think about what search terms users will use. Deciding on popular phrases often has the opposite effect and reduces the visibility of the product. The most important term should appear three to five times in the title or subtitle and three to five times in the summary. In user feedback, search for the most popular keywords. The description of your iOS app will assist you in identifying and selecting additional keywords.

Aim for good visibility of your iOS application 

App Store Optimization makes it possible to increase app recognition, but it does not depend on only one factor. The visibility and popularity of the product depend on several aspects that you, as the creator, also influence. The service’s content has a significant effect on these measures, which includes scores, feedback, and the number of downloads. Optimizing the name, description, and graphics will improve your app’s visibility. 

An aspect that you won’t directly affect is the competition you will face. If you decide to launch a product in a field besieged by big brands, you must reckon that to gain recognition. You will have to put in a lot of resources and work. If you choose a less popular industry, the competition is smaller, but regardless of the competition you will face, it is worth planning an adequate budget for promotional activities. 

Why use ASO? 

When looking for new mobile apps, you usually do it in the AppStore. According to Apple, about 70% of new app discoveries happen directly on the App Store, making it the most popular place to discover new mobile gadgets. With that in mind, when releasing a new app, you can’t ignore taking steps to increase your app’s visibility in the AppStore. After all, the more populous the app, the higher the number of installations. 

Trust the optimization professionals

When creating an app, it is essential to plan the entire process, including considering its optimization in every aspect. Knowing the App Store requirements requires choosing adequate keywords and adjusting the graphics for current trends and target audience. By entrusting the development process to a professional software house, you can be guaranteed that such factors as optimization will also be taken into account. ASO should also be consistent with the producer’s general business assumptions so that the new application on the market is a fully-fledged product that will achieve the intended success. 

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