10 Best WordPress Plug-Ins for Supercharging Your Website

Improve your website SEO, safety, the ability to make money, and more with these amazing add-ons. WordPress is far more than a tool for blogging. Since its launch more than a decade ago, this flexible web-based publishing platform has served as the basis for more than 64 million websites. Its popularity has created an unbelievably […]

How To Secure A WordPress Website

You don’t want hackers to ruin your website, right? If you use WordPress as your CMS, follow these steps to make your website secure. WordPress is the platform that you’ve chosen for your website. This is a good choice! WordPress is the engine behind about one-third of the Internet’s websites. Many webmasters love it because […]

Best Websites for Downloading Free PSD Files

There are numerous free photoshop resources available on the internet if you are not a hard-core graphic designer or simply a newbie who has just begun a career in this industry. PSD templates are Photoshop files that may be found on a variety of free websites. Icons, buttons, menus, business cards, labels, banners, website templates, […]

How to Create WordPress Custom Page Templates

WordPress offers many different ways to customize a specific page. Within the WordPress content editor, you can edit the content. It is possible to change CSS rules that impact the website. Alternatively, you may create a template file according to the specific page in your WordPress theme’s template hierarchy. Alternatively, you can use a template […]

Top 7 WordPress E-Commerce Themes of 2021

Small businesses and retailers are under increasing pressure to build their own eCommerce stores as more people shop online. WordPress makes it easy to create an e-commerce store. With the WordPress theme installed and the WooCommerce plugin activated, you can quickly launch a functional e-commerce site. Despite this, only Theme Forest offers 11,000 WordPress themes. […]

The WooCommerce Vulnerability Affects Millions of WordPress Sites

As a result of the vulnerability, the forced update for WordPress has been announced by WooCommerce. Publishers urged to make sure their updates are up-to-date. Millions of users are affected by a critical vulnerability that has been patched by WooCommerce. Publishers who use the WooCommerce plugin or the WooCommerce Blocks plugin are strongly instructed to […]

Top 3 Image CDN Providers For Your Website In 2021

A content delivery network (CDN) caches files on servers throughout the world to make websites faster. Whether your visitors are from Europe, North America, Asia, or anywhere else, they will automatically be served content from the nearest location. Technology can be intimidating for those who are not familiar with it, and yes, it can be […]

The 12 Best Free Graphic Design Software for Marketers and Beginners

Several new skills, such as graphic design, are increasingly being acquired by content creators, marketers, social media influencers, etc. When making a simple graphic for posting online, you can make it stand out with a few simple edits. Fantastic graphic design tools bring your creations to life and enhance your marketing efficiency. Here is a […]

2021 Best Android Smartwatches

In the race of smartphones, smartwatches are not falling behind. It can be used for fitness tracking features, or for measuring SpO2 in pandemic times, or seeing notifications without touching your phone, GPS functionality, etc, it is the best addition to your tech world. There are many smartwatches launched on the platforms, and there’s a […]