Why Do You Need A Video Slider On Your WordPress Website?

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Why Do You Need A Video Slider On Your WordPress Website?

Why Do You Need A Video Slider On Your WordPress Website?

WordPress sites should leave a lasting impression on visitors. The problem is that visitors don’t find long paragraphs and still images so engaging. Video still drives traffic and clicks, but it gives your audience more insight into who you are. Online video is the future of media. Showcase your best work or educate your visitors with a simple, responsive video slider.

How do video sliders work?

It is a slider that displays videos. A video slider on your WordPress site can show online lessons, cooking tutorials, or user testimonials. There are many sliders available on WordPress that can create video sliders, slider factory is one of them. Using a Slider Factory video layout, you are able to make a video slider with so many different slider functionalities. Adding videos to your slider is easy with Slider Factory. Use popular video sites like YouTube, and Vimeo to upload videos from your website.

With Slider Factory, you can

  • Display sliders from popular video sites like Youtube, Vimeo & MP4. 
  • Add texts, captions, and animations to your WordPress video slider. 
  • Display the sliders as horizontal/vertical sliders
  • highly customizable video sliders.

Why should I use video sliders?

With an attractive video slider, you can seamlessly grab the attention of your visitors and also see a significant improvement in your conversion rate.

A video slider can also provide a few other benefits, including:

  • Split your content into smaller pieces, so the user can manage it.
  • Videos with captions allow visitors to comprehend the products being promoted.

Slider factory provides multiple layouts with different types of customizable settings. with a video slider layout, you can showcase video sliders with different styles like thumbnail video sliders, title, and description on the slide and you also can add one or two buttons on a slide.

Let’s take a look at a few features of video sliders

Video and Image Carousel

With Slider Factory you can showcase your videos in a variety of ways, including a carousel. Video and image carousel sliders are great ways for showing video testimonials from your customers. Using slider factory pro you can easily create image and video carousel at the same time that means you are able to create mix media slider. you can add images and Vimeo, youtube, or Mp4 videos in a slideshow with slide title, description, and slide buttons.

Thumbnail Video Slider

In addition to carousels and horizontal/vertical sliders, thumbnail sliders are another way to showcase your video. Sliders with thumbnails allow viewers to jump between videos easily. Slider Factory provides customizable Thumbnails Navigation settings for video slideshows. Thumbnail positions can be set to right, left, top, and bottom. Its also allows you to add the title and description

Thumbnail Video Slider
Youtube Video Slider with Animated Description and Thumbnails Navigation at Right-Side

Video Testimonial Slider

A customer testimonial is simply an existing customer sharing their experience with your product or service. Written testimonials and video testimonials are the two most common forms of customer testimonials. When you need to motivate your audience, video testimonials add an extra element of persuasiveness and personality.

Authenticity is the key to a video testimonial. A customer’s story should be told in his or her own words to maximize the impact (and credibility) of the story.

There are various reasons to create a customer testimonial video for your business. However, there is definitely a right way to create a video testimonial with the help of slider factory pro. Using slider factory pro, you can also create text testimonials. Slider factory allows you to create a video testimonial slider with the video slide title and description.

Video Testimonial Slider

Horizontal or Vertical Videos Slider

Using the horizontal and vertical sliders, you can also showcase your videos. Sliders are great for displaying related videos or tutorials similar to playlists on Youtube.

Video sliders have a greater impact on the visitor than text or images would.

Websites that are best suited for videos sliders include:

  • Photography websites 
  • Designers’ websites 
  • Fashion Websites
  • Food Websites
  • Business websites


We hope you found this article useful in finding the best video slider for your WordPress website. On WordPress, there are many video sliders, but the slider factory is one of the best video and image sliders with a wide range of features and functionality.

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