How Have Social Networks Changed The Business World?

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How Have Social Networks Changed The Business World?

How Have Social Networks Changed The Business World

Social networks have had a big impact on the way businesses operate. From helping businesses to connect with potential customers to provide a way for employees to communicate and share information, social networks have played a pivotal role in the growth and success of many businesses. In this article, we take a look at some of the most important ways that social networks have transformed the business world.

Trade in its early days

How did social networks come into our lives? Let’s go from the beginning when trade became a fundamental part of human beings because it allowed a great exchange of goods, products, and services. To do this, people offered their products in exchange for others that met their day-to-day needs. As time went by, different elements that facilitated trade were discovered, which acquired different values ​​and allowed bartering in large quantities.

The arrival of industrialization generated many more business opportunities, creating what would later be called large companies, an extension that was often international, creating certain difficulties, because sometimes it was necessary to travel long distances to reach these businesses.

The arrival of the internet

Various circumstances, technological advances, and the invention of the Internet changed this. This great network allowed the connection between people who were thousands of kilometers away in a much faster and more efficient way by breaking down physical barriers and allowing a large part of the population around the world access to massive communication systems. Different platforms were created that were in charge of disseminating information, such as encyclopedias and news, as well as multimedia and entertainment portals: music, videos, and images; as if that were not enough, it promoted a new way of doing business by improving the speed at which they were carried out.

The ease of communication improved relationships created globalization of information, made it possible to learn a language on the other side of the world without having to be there, and promoted the creation of different businesses in accordance with the demands that were beginning to arise with such great growth. The Internet made it possible to improve itself and adapt to daily needs, making it almost essential today to establish communications and maintain commerce.

Little by little, different platforms that worked as virtual stores appeared: those that sold their own products and those that functioned as intermediaries between the seller and the customer (Amazon, for example). On these pages, the sellers published their products and the means of contact in order to offer the user the best possible service, later they prepared to dispatch each order by a shipping company to the address indicated by the client.

The new way of trading

And even then it was not enough, because it was the social networks that finished taking the definitive step towards what is currently a new form of communication, commercialization, and acquisition of goods and services. With the emergence of social networks, these connections improved, and the chances of finding what you were looking for without leaving home increased. People began to use personal accounts on various social platforms, causing growth in these networks and their massification, likewise allowing each network to be updated to the daily needs of people and establish itself as a small ‘all in one where, over time, the purchase and sale of products and services would prevail. Users of social platforms were able to offer their products in a simpler way by establishing their daily, common and frequent use among people.

New way of trading with Social Networks

Both new and old businesses needed a good boost to keep running and in this 21st century, that boost was thanks to social networks, which have become an indispensable resource.

Taking full advantage of all that these social media platforms have to offer is one of the most functional ways to thrive in the world of buying and selling today.

Aspects to consider

In this sense, there are different aspects to take into account, as these contribute to the success of the business.

  • Advertising
  • The types of products and services offered
  • attention
  • Prices
  • Delivery time

The design, personalization, and identity of each company, became the great differentiator and driver of a business. Social networks allowed the seller to know almost all of their customers and establish increasingly direct and personalized relationships with each of them.

Online store

Among the different products and services offered, we can find everything from clothing and bookstores to language courses and entrepreneurship, where, although one of the most benefited populations has been the youth, the internet, and social networks have allowed and optimized the entire population, nationally and internationally, can obtain great benefits in the use of these technological tools.

Social networks in the search for continuous improvement have provided companies with multiple tools for their growth:

  •  The most personalized promotion of your products
  • Establishment of commercial alliances
  • Review of performance metrics and statistics
  • CRM integrated with social networks

Benefits of social networks

This virtuality in a situation like the current one, in addition to adding benefits to some businesses by increasing demand and generating profits, also meant an important point to take into account for those companies and businesses that have not yet been able to adapt to new technologies, That is why the specialists in this new form of product marketing establish themselves as another of the great factors to take into account to be part of this globalization of multimedia content and undertake successfully. Although the networks have guaranteed exponential growth in the market, it has been the studies and knowledge of specialists in the subject that have ultimately boosted the adaptability of large and small companies to this environment full of benefits.

We can say that both the Internet and social networks, together with their good use of them, have established an optimal expansion of the market and help companies and businesses to offer their products and services to a much larger population.

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