3 Best Freshworks Alternatives: The Most Trustworthy Tools for Your Business In 2021

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3 Best Freshworks Alternatives: The Most Trustworthy Tools for Your Business In 2021

3 Best Freshworks Alternatives The Most Trustworthy Tools for Your Business

When you think of investing your precious time and resources in business, there are a number of questions that run through your mind. One of the most crucial questions that any and every business owner usually has would be about trust. How trustworthy is this vendor? How trustworthy is that platform or tool? How trustworthy is a Freshworks competitor? 

These are all valid questions since you are about to put your money on a major risk. Yet, when it comes to CRM and automation, there is a simple way to answer these questions. You simply have to know what exactly you are looking for and how the right CRM platform will help you. When it comes to the trust part, we have understood that you cannot merely turn to one platform like Freshworks (formerly known as Freshsales). You would need a few options and alternatives to Freshworks that you can compare and then choose from. Accordingly, we have found and lined up the most trustworthy Freshworks alternatives. So, you can safely say that your search ends right here!

But, first we need to understand how to choose the right CRM and automation platform for your sales and marketing team. When you have a full understanding of what all your Freshworks alternative is supposed to deliver to you, only then will you be able to choose the right one. 

  • Why do you need it? This is the first question that you need to answer when you start looking at Freshworks competitors. This is because you would need to find the right set of features, integration and options that would help you customize the platform as per your needs. This could include tools like contact management, email marketing and much more. 
  • What will it cost? The budget is the next big question that you need to ask once you find the right set of features that you are looking for. What would it cost you and in your industry, would it be cheaper and more effortless to merely find the right talent to fill in for those features? You would also have to look at a couple of Freshworks alternatives before you make a comparison and then make a decision. 
  • How safe will it be? Security is a very aspect of everything that you do online. Whether you are running your business online or offline, it is always worthwhile to find out what kind of measures the platform or the Freshworks alternative would be taking while handling and storing your information. In case you have a larger and growing team, it would also be a good idea to ask if you can limit access to certain members and keep certain information accessible only by certain senior members in the team. 
  • Will you get insights? This is one of the best features that you would get with the right Freshsales alternative since it would be able to throw up insights and analytics to tell you whether or not you are on the right track. You would need to know how often these insights and reports would come to you and you can also ask how accurate they would be. 
  • How will my team members manage this platform? When you install a new technology in the work place, it would take a while for everyone to get used to it. Therefore, you should find out how you would be able to build the system so that the team can get used to it in the fastest possible manner with complete collaboration and coordination. You should find out what kind of options one would have for further team building as well, when turning to one of the Freshworks alternatives
  • What if I need help? This is one of the most crucial things that you would have to find out for sure when you are thinking of investing in a CRM and marketing automation system. You would have to ask what happens when you are stuck and you need support. This could be a requirement when you are setting up the framework and also when there are any technical glitches, especially if the system is being run from a cloud based location. The right Freshworks competitor will be able to give you constant support and expert training as well so that you do not have to retain a technical person and you always have all the support that you need from the platform itself. 
  • How can it help me in greater revenues? Find out the various features that the platform or system would use in order to ensure that you have a more efficient conversion rate and hence the ability to earn higher revenues. This would be one of the most important things to look for in the alternatives to Freshworks. You can also ask about the various ways in which one can bring in integrations with various platforms. 

Once you have asked the above questions, it would be easy to spot and find the right alternative to Freshworks. Some of the most trustworthy tools for business in 2021 are as follows:

1.EngageBay: This is one of the best Freshworks alternatives since it has a wide suite of features and it allows you integrations with various channels at a very affordable cost along with constant support. 

2.Sales Flare: This platform also offers many tools for email marketing, yet it is more expensive than EngageBay and it also lacks the wide range of features that the former platform would give you. 

3.Nutshell: This is also a well known Freshworks alternative. But it does not do much other than basic email marketing and some amount of SMS marketing. Also, you would not get constant technical support here. 

In closing, one can easily see that EngageBay is the best Freshworks alternative since it has a number of wide ranging features that are easily available at a very affordable price point for your business growth. 

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