Blog vs. Vlog: Money-Making Potential (What’s the Difference)

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Blog vs. Vlog: Money-Making Potential (What’s the Difference)

Blog vs Vlog

If you’re new to creating content online, you may be asking what the distinction is between blogging and vlogging. Which is simpler for beginners? What generates a higher income?

You should look into these types of questions before starting a blog or vlog. That way, you won’t waste time on a medium that isn’t right for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between blogs and vlogs, as well as their respective revenue possibilities, so you can decide which is best.

Blog vs. Vlog: Definitions & Distinctions


A blog is a website that publishes the latest content, or “blog posts,” regularly.

On a blog’s homepage, the most recent blog articles are typically displayed first, which is known as “reverse chronological order.”

Blog entries are primarily composed of text, but they can also contain photographs and other types of content like video and GIFs.

For example:

Blog Example

Just a Girl and Her Blog, hosted by Abby and Donnie Lawson, is a popular site on lifestyle, organization, and productivity.

Bloggers can publish posts on any subject they wish. Personal finance, health and fitness, food and drink, parenthood, and marketing are some of the most popular blog themes.


A vlog, which stands for “video blog” or “video log,” is a sort of blog in which the majority or all of the content is in video format. This differs from a typical blog, which mostly posts textual content.

Vlogs are commonly used to capture an individual’s life, experiences, or thoughts.

However, just like blogging, you can “vlog” about whatever you like, including cooking tutorials, product reviews, teaching tutorials, video game tutorials, and more.

Many successful vlogs are shared on prominent networks, such as YouTube. You can also integrate vlogs into your own website.

For example:

Vlog Example

Casey Neistat, a well-known YouTube vlogger with 12.5 million subscribers, frequently posts videos showcasing his daily life in NYC.

As you can see, a blog and a vlog share certain characteristics. The main distinction is that bloggers offer their ideas on a specific subject in textual form, whereas vloggers make videos

Many people believe that vlogging is more popular than blogging since it uses well-known video networks such as YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch.

So, starting a vlog seems like a good idea, right? Certainly not!

Just because videos are popular does not imply that text is obsolete. In reality, blogging is quite relevant today. Let’s look at the popularity of vlogging and blogging.

Popularity of Blogging

There are over 1.9 billion websites on the internet, out of which 600 million host blogs, accounting for a third of the entire web.

Here are some more statistics to prove that blogging is not dead:

  • The percentage of Internet users reading blog entries is 77%.
  • Blog postings are some of the most widely shared content on the internet.
  • Blogs have been ranked as the fifth-most reliable source of correct web information.

Furthermore, businesses that blog get 126% more leads than non-blogging businesses, and 60% of individuals buy a product after reading a blog post about it. Blogging can still help you generate leads and increase sales for your organization.

The widespread use of search engines like Google in connection with blogging is also worth mentioning. According to Internet usage statistics, around 106,083 Google searches are performed every second, and nearly 30% of global web traffic is generated by online searches.
Proper blog SEO can boost the likelihood of content appearing at the top of Google search results. This makes it easy to serve your content to individuals who are searching for it online, resulting in more traffic to your website.

Popularity of Vlogging

Video marketing data shows that the average viewer watches digital videos for 100 minutes a day on average. There is no doubt that people enjoy video content.

However, as shown in the graph below from Oberlo, influencer videos and vlogs are the least popular types of videos.

Types of Videos on the internet

Instead of watching a vlog that captures a person’s daily life, internet users choose to watch humor videos, live streaming, how-to/tutorial videos, and educational films.

Instead of generating a traditional “vlog,” you may explore creating how-to videos, such as teaching users how to play the guitar.

Because if you can utilize your films to solve a problem or help a user achieve their goals, it will be easier to attract a dedicated viewing base.

Vlogging vs. Blogging: Earning Potential

One of the most frequently asked questions about blogging vs. vlogging is: How much money can I make?

Of course, whether you build a blog or a vlog, it will take some time and effort before you start earning enormous sums of money.

However, with the appropriate tactics, you may start making some extra money on the side quite soon.

Make money from Vlogging

There aren’t many opportunities for monetization if you want to post your vlogs just on YouTube. You can only make money from video ads, channel memberships, super chats, and sponsored videos.

That is why many YouTube vloggers establish a separate blog from their YouTube channel.

This enables them to route traffic from YouTube to their website, where they can earn more money through the ways discussed in the previous section, such as selling ad space directly, developing online courses, selling products, etc.

Overall, the income from blogging and vlogging is almost the same, but it can be higher if you have your website instead of just posting videos on YouTube.

Make money from Blogging

With a WordPress blog, there are no restrictions on how you can earn money.

There are numerous WordPress plugins and other methods available to help you improve the efficiency of your blog and diversify your income.

Let’s look at a few strategies to monetize a blog:

Market Digital Goods: With the help of the Easy Digital Downloads plugin, you can quickly produce and market digital goods like ebooks, audio files, movies, PDFs, and more.

Engage in Affiliate Marketing: Join affiliate networks to get paid to promote things on your blog.

Advertise on Your Site: Use Google AdSense to display ads or sell ad space directly on your site.

Provide Online Courses: Use a plugin like Thrive Apprentice to build and sell online courses from your blog.

Sell tangible products: Create a complete online store on your blog to sell and transport tangible items.

Establish Membership Subscriptions: Convert your blog into a membership website where visitors must pay a subscription charge to view your content.

Take Donations: Using a free plugin such as WP Simple Pay or WPForms, you may effortlessly receive donations from your readers directly on your website.

How to start a blog or vlog

At this stage, you may have concluded that you prefer blogging to vlogging, or vice versa. So, let’s go over how to get started and what equipment is needed for each option.

Creating a Blog

One of the most appealing aspects of blogging is how easy it is to get started. First, all you need is a computer with an internet connection.

Next, select the appropriate blogging platform. For this, we strongly recommend

WordPress Logo is the fastest-growing blogging platform, accounting for more than 43% of all websites. It allows you complete control over your website, allowing you to install plugins and monetize your blog any way you like.

Furthermore, the WordPress software is free to install and use!

Then, to publish your blog online, you only need to pay for:

  • Domain Name: A domain name is the address for your website. This is what users type into their browsers to access your blog.
  • Blog hosting: This is where your website and all of its data are hosted. This is what allows your blog to be accessible via the internet.

We highly recommend Bluehost for hosting and domain registration. It’s reasonable, dependable, and one of the best blog hosting services on the market. itself has officially recommended Bluehost, which provides a simple 1-click WordPress installation.


Creating a Vlog

Making a vlog is also quite simple, which should pique your attention.

To get started, you only need a smartphone.

It is crucial to remember that improving the calibre of your videos is crucial if you wish to expand the scope of your business. So, in the future, you might want to consider investing in a better video camera, microphone, lighting, editing software, and so on. This can get pricy.

To broadcast your vlogs online, you can create a free YouTube channel.

Most successful vloggers have both a YouTube channel and their own site, which gives them more control over how much money they can make.

Start a WordPress video blog quickly and effectively with Bluehost for as little as $2.75 per month.

You should start by uploading your video vlogs to YouTube. Then you can embed your videos in WordPress, which is considerably easier and uses less bandwidth.

Alternatively, you can install Smash Balloon YouTube Feed Pro, a WordPress plugin for embedding videos.

YouTube Feed Pro instantly displays all of your YouTube channel videos in an attractive gallery manner.

Youtube Feed Pro

We hope that this article has helped you understand the differences between a blog and a vlog. At this point, you may choose the one that best suits your needs and begin your adventure.

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