Design And Manage Your WordPress Site For High Traffic

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Design And Manage Your WordPress Site For High Traffic

Design And Manage Your WordPress Site for High Traffic

Creating and running a WordPress site is an easy process in itself but you need to make sure the site is ready to deal with high traffic volumes and WordPress is capable of managing high traffic. When you make changes to your web hosting, caching system, or file sizes, you must ensure your site will not go down after receiving only a few thousand hits.

Why is Website Traffic Important?

Website traffic important because the number of visitors equals the number of opportunities you have to get more business. The number of visitors to your website becomes the number of values your business to build a relationship. The more traffic to your website, the more opportunities to serve them a better product to your client, get new or continue client will grow your business

How a website design impact on site traffic?

A website has a great design and it has the ability to attract the visitor and when your visitor comes on your site page they should not confuse between the unattractive colors and low design of your website otherwise they won’t be staying around.

Let’s discuss more things about website design impacts on traffic.

The Color Game

Choosing the right colors for your website’s design is the t step of your success. Colors can be your most powerful tool for your targeted customers related to your business. You can use colors according to r visitor’s mood on your website. Color helps us to process and store images more efficiently than colorless images or content, this can help increase brand recognition and help prompt visitors to your sight to take action. Judgment can be subconsciously based on color schemes so your palette must not contradict your brand’s philosophy.

Website colors and meanings

Design Of Your Site

The design of your site includes the page, the background, the fonts, the media, and the ads, and all of them must be pleasant to look at. This means keeping a clean, crisp look that is easy on the eyes. When your visitors first arrive, they must know exactly what they are looking at the moment they lay their eyes on the page.

Design Of Your Site
Web Design Website Coding Concept

Hardware Limitations

Like other web applications, WordPress can only handle the traffic. Main two reasons that can stop the functionality of your website due to a high amount of traffic are:

  • Processor Limits
  • Network Limits

Processor Limits

More amounts of traffic mean big load on the servers. You need to make sure that your website is supported by a server that has enough power to meet those demands.

Use A Caching Plugin

A cache plugin is a tool that saves your site from collapse when the number of visitors go up, up and up. A caching plugin creates HTML versions of your pages and data, which reduces the number of times WordPress needs to PHP to serve pages. With a caching plugin, you can multiply the speed of your WordPress site, while shielding yourself from the negative effects.

Upgrade to Better Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is great for beginner’s blogs with low traffic. This, however, will become a problem when your traffic increases per day. If you’re currently on a shared hosting plan and you may notice poor performance, consider migrating to VPS. If you’re getting traffic problems with your VPS plan, migrate to a dedicated server.

Use SSD Drives

Do you know what type of storage drives your web hosting plan uses? If you’re currently on one with HDD, or hard disk drives, then that’s a problem. SSD, is solid-state drives are reliable, secure, and fast than their HDD counterparts.

Web Service

WordPress is a web server application, it means that it can run on many different platforms. Apache and Linux are the greatest platforms for running WordPress, another hand server that supports PHP and MySQL or MariaDB will also do the job.

You have to make sure your host features are up-to-date and updated version platforms in order to create a strong environment for running WordPress.

The method PHP the language that interprets the WordPress code can also affect your server’s performance. In a shared module, each PHP request is handled by a single library instance.

There are also many misconceptions about the benefits of multi-threaded Apache 2 implementations. In general performance of Apache 2 with mod_php is the most stable. There are advantages and drawbacks to each method for choosing the method for your server, be sure to keep in mind traffic and its demands on the server, and make sure to run your own tests.


There are other many things that you should keep in mind to increase traffic on your site. Whatever industry you are in you need to focus on SEO, chose keywords carefully and be active on the social networks.
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