How to get Flickr Album ID

How to get Flickr Album ID WP Frank

As you know Flickr is images and video hosting services website. You can store your photos as albums while uploading using a Flickr account.

To get Flickr Album ID is easy enough, for this login into your Flickr account:

login to Flickr account - Flickr API Key
Login To Flickr Account

After login, you will be redirected to your account activity page.

Flickr account activity page - Get Flickr Album ID
Flickr Activity Page

Now, in the top menu, you will see the “You” menu, hover the mouse there a dropdown will appear with the sub-menu option.s Select the third submenu “Albums” by click.

Go to Albums page - Get Flickr Album ID
Select “Album” from the drop-down menu under the “You” menu

Albums page will open and there you find all albums created in Flickr account. Select an album listed on the page, like we selected our first album “Men & Women“. It will be open on a new page with full details of containing the image.

All Flickr Album Page - Get Flickr Album ID
All Flickr Albums Page

You can find Your Album ID into an opened page URL like as below screenshot.
The Album URL is:[email protected]/albums/72157701447368914
Like “Men & Women” Album ID is: 72157701447368914

Album ID in URL - Get Flickr Album ID
Your Album ID into URL

Thanks for the following a tutorial about “How to get Flickr Album ID”, please comment and share your feedback for suggestions.


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  1. pEpE

    Easy to understand “How to” and everything works as supposed to;-) Thanx

  2. eva

    I created a new flickr gallery on my WP site with your plugin..
    The Flickr gallery contains 14 pics, but the [FAG ID number] of the gallery on my site shows only 1 pic when I do a preview of the blogpost. I have already tried with a new API code, but the result is the same, only 1 picture is visible
    When I ran of first test of your flickr album plugin in late May, it worked alright.

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