Best Transcription Services 2021


Best Transcription Services 2021

Best Transcription Services

Transcription services have become more and more popular and important. It is a business that provides a service that will convert live or recorded speech into a written form or electronic text documents. It also helps to remember important details from calls, meetings, and webinars. Plus, it also gives an easy way to transform & repurpose existing content into multiple. Are you looking for the best transcription services? There exists a number of transcription services out there. All with their special features, and downfalls. Below is the list of its best services.

let’s take a look at some of the best transcription services and their prices and features.


best transcription online tool for beginners

GGLOT will surely help you to save time spent on converting speech and audio/video files into words. Quickly transcribe speech to word internet in any language. Gglot’s multilingual transcription service is perfect for interviews, content marketing, video production, and academic study. Whatever sound you have, our artificial intelligence will convert the speech into words for you. The service translates audio to words in more than 50 languages ​​for 1 available fee, covering Korean, British, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, and Japanese. It handles a wide range of audio and video files spanning .avi, .mp3, .mov, .mp4, .wma, .m4a, . mp4 and aac. Thanks to the timecodes and the sheer number of speakers, you may be another one to view your transcript. You will be able to protect and export the transcript in various formats, including PDF, MS Word, VTT, SRT, and others.

With GGLOT, all your foreign subtitles, titles, and transcriptions will be stored in one cloud storage. Gglot makes it easy to extract the necessary information from audio and video. files, independent of dialect, background noise, volume, or tempo. Gglot has a free plan. Commercial Intents start at $9.90 per month.


Scribie offers both automated and manual transcription services. Its manual transcription service offers 99% accuracy with a 36-hour turnaround time. It also has the option to add a subtitle file, time coding, strict verbatim, speaker tracking, and more. Scribie offers excellent offers and pricing for American-speaking transcription services. Its accuracy rate is very good and also has a solid online editor. one can track the progress of your transcription and even download versions as they’re being completed. This transcription service is super easy to use. Just upload a file, choose a plan, make a payment and get a Word file back in the selected timeline. Scribie’s pricing starts at $0.80 per minute for manual transcription and $0.10 per minute for automated transcription.


Another one of the best transcription services is Temi. It claims to have the highest transcription accuracy in the world. This automated service provides advanced speech recognition software for a very competitive cost. Temi is a little higher on costs at $0.25 than some other transcription services, but it will save a good few minutes and some headaches than the other transcription services that are riddled with errors. This service also allows transcribing voice to text via uploaded audio or video file in as little as 5 minutes. The pricing is also straightforward and easy to understand and this transcription service is very ideal for people who have fewer transcription requirements. There are no subscription fees and no other extra charges. The service is fully automated which means the transcriptions are all AI-based.


Veed Video editor

Veed Online transcription allows you to transcribe your audio and video files to text in just a single click, easy and simple. Veed allows both audio and video transcription. Simply upload and click “Auto Transcribe” then download it up!
Veed Transcription Tool supports lots of popular audio and video formats including mp3, wav, mp4, mov, avi and more with 95% transcription accuracy. You don’t need to download any big software to use it. You only need a browser and it’s free!


edit rev captions for instagram video 800x408 1

Rev transcription service offers a range of different transcription-related services. It is hard to find a better transcription service out there today than Rev. It offers captions, subtitles, and translations for all types of audio and video files. The transcriptions can be completed in a few hours, with an accuracy rate of 99%. Its s provides an opportunity to get a fantastic turnaround time. Its unique feature is live captions for Zoom meetings and webinars. This is an affordable and easy editing service. Another unique feature Rev also supports foreign subtitles. Rev transcriptions start at $1.25 per minute and $0.25 per minute for machine-generated transcripts.

GMR Transcription 

GMR Transcription is versatile audio transcription service. This transcription is a pretty well-known service that provides both AI automated and human-powered. It offers video transcriptions and Spanish transcription. GMR offers text-to-text transcription for converting paper documents into electronic ones. The company specializes in legal transcription, business transcriptions, and many other forms of transcription & services. This service guarantees a 99% accuracy rate for high-quality audio and videos. The transcription quality is very high. GMR Transcription starts at $1.25 per audio minute with a selected turnaround time.


GoTranscript Website 1

GoTranscript is one of the most accurate and reliable transcription services. This is a British company that offers very competitive pricing to the customers. It provides very accurate transcriptions for audio files with hard-to-understand accents. You will get support for around 48 different languages and files that have multiple accents in single audio. It does a great job at handling complex projects, like STEM, academic, and technical papers too. GoTranscript has a quick turnaround, especially considering its manual transcription for complex and in-depth topics. Matter of fact, the turnaround is so fast that it is usually able to get the transcribed document back to within 6-12 hours, which is a blinding fast speed in comparison. The pricing is pretty affordable. It starts at $0.90 per audio minute. Pricing increases for the fast turnaround the, number of speakers, low-quality audio, and language preference.

Otter overview

Otter is another best transcription service that provides record audio in real-time and transcribes it on the go. is an AI-based that develops speech-to-text transcription and translation applications using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems, which means one can use this speech recognition software to transcribe on mobile devices. It also has speaker identification features. The significant feature of Otter is its ease of collaboration. This service is suitable for businesses as well as individuals. Its pro plans start at $8.33/month with advanced import and export features, custom vocabulary, and up to 6000 minutes per month. Business plans start at $20/user/month with live notes and captions for Zoom, up to 6000 minutes per user.



Trint offers a smooth and slick automated transcription service that gives good editing software. It is suitable for Mac users or even Windows users who don’t want to go through the hassle of installing transcription services software. This service offers a lot of features and gives a pretty accurate simple transcription. It transcribes video as well as audio files from the comfort of a web browser. Trint uses advanced machine-learning-based algorithms. It supports multiple file formats for the transcripts. Trint also provides options for editing the text and adding captions to video files. The service has a fast turnaround time, an online editor that is considered excellent, and very solid security policies, and AI-based transcription leads to reduced error rates. Trint’s starter plan starts at $48/month, the Advanced plan starts at $60/month, and the Pro plan starts at $68/month. Each plan comes with a fair usage policy, and there are no hidden costs or extra charges.


TranscribeMe is actually a name that is probably heard several times in transcription circles. It is a fast, affordable, and high-accuracy audio and video transcription service. TranscribeMe isn’t as accurate as something like Rev, but it costs significantly less. This service offers a clean web interface and a very secure speedy transcription process with features of- customizable macros, voice recognition, speech-to-text analysis, automatic transcription, multi-languages, and capturing videos. It follows the trend of trying to balance the speed of transcription with a low error rate and competitive pricing. If files are not complex, then this service is perhaps the very best one available because of the pricing. So if cost is a key consideration in budgeting, then TranscribeMe could be one of the better options, without sacrificing quality. The pricing starts at $0.10 as a flat rate, as a one-time payment. It also offers a free trial.


Sonix is a highly accurate automatic transcription service that’s suitable for podcasters looking to create highly accurate transcripts, it can transcribe any audio or video file. The service delivers accurate transcriptions in more than 40 languages and it is used by over a million people in the world. It has features like word-by-word timestamps, speaker labeling, multiple export options, browser-based transcript editor, automated translation, custom dictionaries, and more. when using Sonix, not to worry about punctuations and speaker separation, as it takes care of everything automatically. Sonix media player can share videos and transcripts with automated subtitles for driving greater social traffic. It also supports multiple text formats (DOC/TXT/PDF) and allows multitrack uploads. Sonix’s pricing plans are simple: it offers three tiers: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. The basic plan starts at a very low $10/hour, The Premium plan starts from $5/hour + $22/user/month, Enterprise plan with custom pricing for high volume transcription. Each plan comes with advanced features and is suitable for all users.

Transcription Panda


The best transcription service available is one called Transcription Panda. It positions itself very similarly to TranscribeMe, in that Pricing and accuracy rate, are comparable to TranscribeMe, but the transcription speed offered by Panda is better. The turnaround time varies according to the price paid, with the cheaper rate offering a 5 day turnaround, with the cheaper rate offering a 5 day turnaround, and higher costs for a final draft transcription, which is formed available within 24 hours. The rough draft service costs $0.79 per minute. Its final draft starts at $0.95 per minute for a 5 business day turnaround. Its pricing increases to $1.20 per minute for a 2 business day turnaround and $2.40 per minute for a 24-hour turnaround which includes weekends. It does not charge extra for taxes or transaction fees, allowing us to accurately estimate the total cost. Hence, Transcription Panda is an option worth considering.


Choosing a transcription service involves a few steps. It is hard to find the best one. Honestly, a lot of the choices will make you confused to choose the best one.
we have listed top-notch services. Explore a few of them and see which one may fit the best. This should be a very good starting point to finding the best transcription services available in the market.

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