The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using An AI Content Creation Tool

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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using An AI Content Creation Tool

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Adopting AI writing tools has benefits, but they shouldn’t be used in place of real authors. Before utilizing them, let’s check out some advantages and disadvantages.

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms has made it possible for writers to speed up the creation of content.

Simple AI writing tools are available for grammar and spelling checks, while more sophisticated software may generate content.

But we should aware that Google is obviously going to oppose AI-generated content, is it worthwhile to use such tools?

Before acquiring your own subscription, review the three benefits and four drawbacks of using AI content generators.

AI writing tools’ benefits

1. Effectiveness and scalability of writing

The ability to create content much more quickly than with human authors is the main advantage of employing these tools.

A two-page piece would take a human writer 30 mins to an hour to research, and write, but AI can do it in a matter of minutes.

AI writing tools increase the scalability of labour by dividing this writing efficiency by the number of articles to be produced at any one time.

Additional advantages of this effectiveness include:

  • Achieving the required speed-to-market for hot issues.
  • The adaptation of language to each good or service’s regional market.
  • Creating distinctive social media content that is tailored to each channel.

2. Cost Efficiency

Several hundred dollars can be spent on a single piece of content produced by high-quality human writers, depending on things like:

  • Quantity of articles.
  • The size of each item
  • The necessary technical expertise
  • Plus more.

Given the high ranking outcomes of comprehensive, in-depth information, this expense is frequently justified.

In contrast, the majority of AI writing tools have a monthly subscription pricing model that caps the number of words, keywords, and articles that can be created during the billing period. Prices for tens of thousands of words and numerous articles are frequently around $100 per month.

When creating short, straightforward content, using AI writing tools could be more cost-effective.

3. Generate inspiration and get past writer’s block.

Creating authoritative writing on issues they are not trained experts in is a challenge that human authors frequently face. To overcome this obstacle, substantial study and content development are needed.

Many AI technologies can create thorough summaries of the content to include and its salient features to get around this.

This brings up writing efficiency once more because AI tools can assist in overcoming writer’s block and generating content development ideas.

The cons of AI writing instruments

1. Concerns about quality and plagiarism

AI still mainly relies on data analysis and algorithms to generate content, despite being one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world.

Just two of the quality issues with AI writing tools are the intended tone of an article and the misuse of statistics within the content’s flow.

The risk of being accused of plagiarism by search engines is comparable to the quality issue.

It is against Google’s standards to “stitch or combine text from different web pages without adding adequate value,” yet many AI technologies grab content from other websites before rewording it.

2. The chance that Google’s algorithms will value your content less

Google recently updated its search results to make it easier for users to find more helpful content that was created by and for people.

This demonstrates unequivocally that the search engine favors human-written content that offers a delightful experience while employing SEO best practices, and it aims to better reward these internet pages for it.

Additionally, the update advises against first producing content for search engines.

This is not a people-first strategy because many AI-writing tools examine search engine results without really knowing what the searcher is searching for, beyond categorizing each search as informational, transactional, or navigational.

3. Inadequate E-A-T

The possibility of Google algorithms depreciating your content is closely tied to how Google’s quality rater rules evaluate the appearance of information for knowledge, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T).

Given that Google employs E-A-T criteria to assist it in evaluating good content and the lack of E-A-T that AI content provides, this is distinguished as another disadvantage of AI-writing tools.

Due to a number of reasons, including the spread of disinformation, readers are innately distrustful of internet content. In order to overcome this, showcasing the content writer’s experience, professional certificates, or years of experience is crucial.

Users and quality raters won’t trust you since AI-written content lacks these credentials.

4. Lack of originality, creativity, and other nuances

It takes ingenuity to make information compelling and shareable, which are two crucial success factors.

Quality human content should continue to do better than AI content since AI lacks emotional intelligence and the capacity to recognize subtleties in the local language.

Once more, AI creates “new” content from data and information that already exists. When these two factors are combined with a lack of originality, AI is unable to comprehend the intent of search query queries or sow the seeds for an everlasting content strategy.

AI shouldn’t be used as a writing assistant or as a means of outsourcing.

There is potential to use these technologies for writing assistance after weighing all of the benefits and drawbacks of AI-generated SEO content.

Fast, affordable article development is appealing, especially since AI technologies may help you get beyond writer’s block and inspire original ideas. Take caution not to rely too heavily on these tools when creating content , though.

Use it to complement your study, provide topic ideas, assist with paraphrasing brief paragraphs, and check grammar and spelling.

Last but not least, make sure to humanize and update your content.

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