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Quiz Maker Plugin – Create Quiz Website With WordPress

Quiz Maker Pugin - Create Quiz Website With WordPress

With the WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin, you will be able to build an infinite number of advanced-level quizzes, tests, exams and etc. This plugin is perfect for its numerous options of creating fully customizable and trustworthy quizzes for your future visitors. The WordPress Quiz is responsive and user-friendly. The quiz takers will have no limitations while enjoying their experience, this implies that the visitors are allowed to take the quizzes or tests as much as they want. Moreover, the plugin has no limits for the count of the WordPress quiz takers at the same time.

The quizzes made by the Quiz Maker plugin are fully customizable, this implies that the user is able to change and design the quiz situated to their brand. To make the quiz visitors’ experience more enjoyable and permanently used the eye-pleasing interface is one of the key factors. For this matter, the Quiz Maker has many features for modifying and designing like; the ability to add images and videos.

Who can use the plugin? 

Of course, there are no limitations for the user, but I want to mention the cases when the WordPress quiz is what one needs.

First and foremost, Quiz Maker is perfect for the online education system, because the teachers are regularly utilizing online quizzes, tests, or exams for their students. The WordPress plugin is one of the easiest ways of creating online exams or tests, this plugin is also considered as a WordPress Exam Plugin.

With the help of the email configuration feature and qualified email list, this plugin will perfectly fit the marketers.

For the website owners, the Quiz Maker can be a real treasure. Thanks to the lead generator tool, the traffic to any website will be increased.

Furthermore, both psychologists and sociologists will enjoy the WordPress Quiz too, with the help of the plugin they will obtain needed data for their researches.

Question Types

Needless to note that, the leading part of the quiz is the questions. In order to make an impressive quiz with a bunch of entertaining inquiries, this plugin is offering many types of questions. Radio (multiple choices with only one correct answer), Checkbox (multiple choices with more than one correct answer), Dropbox (multiple choices listed in a horizontal view), Text (the answer has to be written text), Short Text (the answer has to be written short text), Number (the answer can be only in a number form), Date (the answer needs to be entered date).

To me, one of the best features of this plugin is the time-saving function. How? To find the answer let’s dive into the Quiz Maker’s features.

Main Features

  • PayPal Integration: Start to make your passive income with the Quiz Maker.
  • Copy Content Protection: The users will be not allowed to copy and paste the questions.
  • Question weight/points: For the hard and easy questions set the corresponding points.
  • Answer weight/points: Define different values for each answer, and make the quiz more challenging.
  • Send Certificate: Motivate your users, by sending Certificates for the quiz passers.
  • Export and Import Questions: Save your time, with the help of importing/exporting question feature.
  • Export Results: Once again, save your time by exporting the quiz takers’ results into a CSV file.
  • Results with Charts: See the responsive charts not only for each quiz separately but for all the quizzes’ results too.
  • Send Mail to User: Send the emails with all the details and data to the quiz takers.
  • Send Mail to Admin: Send the email with all the details and data to the admin, in order to notify them about the quiz passes.
  • Show Message According to Results: Divide the maximum score into as many intervals as you need, provide different messages or pictures for them.
  • Custom Form Fields: Ask quiz takers for personal data with the help of various form fields.
  • Third-Party Integrations: The Third-Party Integration is the most powerful e-commerce tool for website builders, it collects the users’ email automatically.
  • WooCommerce Integration: To have this feature at first install the WooCommerce plugin. The users will be shown different WooCommerce products according to their results.
  • User Page Shortcode: In order to have a passed quizzes data table, copy and paste the shortcode into the user page.
  • Email Configuration: Configure and specify your own email options, like From Name, Subject; From Email.
  • Schedule Quiz: Set time duration, when you want your quiz to start and vice versa expire.
  • Slack Integration: You can send the passed quiz information into a specified Slack channel.
  • Users Role Permissions: Control and manage the access of the users to the plugin from the dashboard.

It is time to be introduced to the top WordPress plugins and their leading functions.

Exam with Certificate


How to make the users motivated? Hmm, I think the Quiz Maker has a feature for that matter too. Certificates․ Motivated your succeeded user to keep moving towards the better by sending them personalized certificates. You do not need extra time to create a certificate for each of the users. The plugin automatically generates the information provided by the user and builds a certificate for each succeeded user. The Certificates are also fully customizable and are sent via email.

Personality Quizzes


Create entertaining personality quizzes and learn more about, your visitors’ characteristic features with this type of quiz. Grow your email list in minutes by asking for the quiz takers’ emails, in order to send the results. I think this quiz type can perfectly fit psychologists and sociologists.

Paid Quizzes


It is not a secret that everyone wants to make money. The Quiz Maker plugin can again provide its flexible features to make the users not only satisfied but also with an income. Create your passive income source with the help of Paid Quiz type. All you need to do is to build an interesting, advanced, and enjoyable quiz, then connect it to your PayPal account.

Timer-Based Quiz


Prevent cheating with the Timer-Based quiz type. All the students are prone to cheat during the online examinations, for this matter, the Quiz Maker plugin provides the feature of a count-down timer on your online quizzes. This feature will prevent the students from cheating during the online quizzes. How? When the timer feature is enabled, the quiz takers will be focused only on correctly answering the examination questions.

Advanced Leaderboard


Motivate your quiz visitors with the Advanced Leaderboard. As it to me, competition is one of the most effective ways to motivate the quiz takers to strive for better results. With the help of this plugin, you can create tests with leaderboards, where the user will see their results listed from best to worst or vice versa. I think this will encourage the users to learn and improve their skills.

Quiz User Restriction 


With this function, the admin has an opportunity to restrict the quiz takers’ visits to their quizzes. This implies that the quiz creators can not only give access to particular groups of users but also moderate the number of tries they will have. To enable this, feature the future quiz takers are required to have a particular user role for this matter you can enable the logged-in feature or a Password. This feature is perfect for making a highly advanced quiz for your users.

Assessment Quiz


This type of quiz is perfect for learning and practicing one particular subject or a sphere. With the help of Quiz Makers Plugin question types, you will be able to create an entertaining and useful test for the quiz takers. Build Assessment quizzes, to make the visitors’ study time more effortless.

Other quizzes type options which you are able to create thanks to Quiz Maker Plugin are; Trivia Quiz, Scored Quiz, True or False Quiz, Multiple-Choice Quiz, Test Your Knowledge Quiz, IQ test. Track more visitors with the help of the differentiation of the quiz types.


The plugin provides three packs and two pro versions of WordPress Quiz Plugin for the users.

  1. The Personal Quiz Maker pack is FREE, everyone can try it, and it is perfect for the quiz creation’s first experience.
  2. The Business Quiz Maker Pack costs $39.00; the pack has numerous features to make the quizzes more advanced and the creators’ experience more enjoyable and unchallenging.
  3. The Developer Quiz Maker Pack costs $99.00; the pack includes three the most important features: Copy Content Protection, PayPal Integration, and Stripe Integration.

To Sum Up

The above-mentioned, The WordPress Quiz Maker’s main feature is to give a responsive experience for its users. This digital platform may become your number one helper during your study time process. Make your first experience with the user-friendly build tools and choose your favorite virtually important quiz types. Surely, you can trust your future online exams, tests, and quizzes to this plugin.

The Quiz Maker plugin also has a website, where you can find free and pro demos of different quiz types.

Hope in this article you have found every answer to your questions concerning The Quiz Maker Plugin.

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