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How to get Flickr API key?

How to get Flickr API key?

Flickr API is an interface to provide your Flickr account gallery, videos..etc.  Using API user can customize it in a various platform like windows, ios, android and many more.

Let’s start the tutorial.

Step – 1.  First, log in with your Flickr Account in your browser

Step – 2. After logged in go to this link 

Step – 3.  Now you will redirect on The App Garden Page


Step – 4. In Next Screen, it will ask the use of a key Commercial key or Noncommercial key?

If your app doesn’t make money then use noncommercial key otherwise use the commercial key.

Step – 5. We are applying for the non-commercial key

Step – 6. After applied  Please input all fields and click on submit button

Step – 7. After click on submit button you will get your API Key

Its your Flickr API Key : 501d80b10c37c14711##############

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