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WordPress SEO Basics for Beginners

WordPress SEO Basics for Beginners

If you have no idea about WordPress SEO basics, then this post is definitely for you.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important marketing channel for all businesses wishing to reach an online audience, and it is used by web developers to get more traffic for their website to reach higher search engine rankings.

So it means, with the right strategy you can get more traffic and more potential customers. This means more sales and more business growth for your business.

WordPress is the one of the most popular CMS on the internet and with minimum effort, WordPress developers and administrators could get the good position in Google and other search engines. That’s why it makes WordPress the most popular one.

WordPress SEO Related Options

The first thing you should do is check and set the following options and settings.

Check Website’s Visibility Settings

The first thing you should check is whether your website is visible to search engines. This feature in the Settings menu determines if the search engines could see and index your website. With this feature, the websites that is under-construction don’t accidently get indexed in the search engines’ results.

SEO Basics

Some times, this check may remain in place even when the website goes live. Therefore, make sure that this box is unchecked so that search engine could properly index your website without any problems.

SEO Friendly URL Structure

URLs are usually the first thing Google and customers will see. It should clearly explain the content of the page for both people and search engines.

Firstly, the URL of the page must contain keywords. It helps for people who see your URL on social media or somewhere else.

And secondly, URLs appear in the search engine results and most of the people consider URLs before clicking on a link from the search engine.

Also, don’t use spaces in your URL cause it will weirdly be rendered as %20, which doesn’t look good. Therefore, we recommend you to use hyphens and underscores, if you want to separete words in your URL.

Here is how you can select best permalink structure:

Go to Settings > Permalinks  then select the option for Post name and change the structure.

Warning: Don’t change the permalinks of existing pages because you will lose all your social links, which is pretty bad for the existing SEO rankings.

SEO Basics

Meta Titles and Descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions are things that describing to both people and search engines what your site is about. Therefore this is important for high SERP rankings.

SEO Basics

Things you must consider before setting meta title and descriptions:

  • Fit more keywords into your meta titles and descriptions
  • Write a title and description that will incite the reader to actually click on it.
  • Keep your title limited to 55 characters or less
  • Keep your description limited to 160 characters or less

Image Titles and Alt Text

Your images will also have an URL which will be shown on search engines. Therefore, they should have a title which is relevant with the content of the page on your blog. Make sure you have keywords in your URL title and you can seperate words with dashes.

Similarly, always make sure that the Alt Text field for the images is properly filled with a description of the image. Alt Text will be used, when the browser is not able to render the image properly.

SEO Basics

WWW vs non-WWW

There is no SEO difference to choose one over another. You can choose one of them by your preference. However, there is a point you need to know and apply.

You need to stay consistent when you have selected one of them at the time of starting your website, which means never change it once you have selected one.

Here you can set your choice, go to Settings > General and add your preferred URL structure for both WordPress Address and Site Address.

SEO Basics

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